About Us

Empowering developers to do more using AI

Our mission is to help developers build and ship web applications 10x faster.

Having developed and deployed hundreds of web applications, and scaled them to millions of users, our leadership team found that they had to do a whole lot of repetitive grunt work each time, starting from scratch repeatedly. We've set out to solve for this.

AI has created a tectonic shift in software, and we're leveraging it to unleash true developer potential. We believe that developers should never need to start from scratch in the near future, but build what really matters, and way faster.

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Meet Our Team

On the mission to improve the work of fellow developers 🤘

Tim Niemeier
Fabian Wesner
Irakli Bochorishvili
Director Product
Praveen Koka
VP Engineering
Nikolay Savin
Lead Architect
Emily Falkenhof
UI/UX Designer
Bogdan Korenkov
DevOps Lead
Vinh Nguyen
Senior Engineer
Jasper Bernales
Senior Engineer
Mohsin Amjad
Senior Engineer
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Headquartered in Berlin, with developers across 8 countries